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Sign On to Ask Bernie Sanders to Run for President

293095_10151149526047908_1912508309_nDebate is good, but we will not have any debate in the Democratic Party presidential primary unless other candidates get in the race.

That is why we are encouraging Senator Bernie Sanders to run for president as a Democratic Party candidate.

Senator Sanders will bring a true progressive agenda to the table. He stands for raising the minimum wage, ensuring corporations pay their fair share of taxes, protecting Social Security, defending civil liberties, expanding voting rights and enacting real campaign finance reform.

We believe these are the issues that need to be debated throughout the presidential campaign and inside the Democratic Party.

If you want Bernie Sanders to run for president, please sign our petition today.

I Want Senator Bernie Sanders to Enter the Presidential Race


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De Blasio Convenes Progressive Leaders for Campaign Against Income Inequality

Calling income inequality a profound threat to the country and its future, Mayor Bill de Blasio brought together a progressive coalition to ensure the issue remains at the center of the debate leading up to the 2016 elections.

Progressives joined with de Blasio in New York to kick off the national push to highlight solutions to income inequality. Organizers plan to take the campaign on the road, convene a presidential candidates forum on income inequality, and create a progressive version of the 1994 Republican “Contract with America,” which will be released in May.

De Blasio said they will ask elected leaders at all levels to respond to the document, which they hope will crystalize the discussion on real solutions to income inequality.

While the issue of income inequality is not new, the coordinated push behind it is.

Across the country, people are organizing around a minimum wage increase, pay equity for women and paid sick leave. “Grassroots voices are crying out, and the national media has not listened. They will listen in May,” said Van Jones, co-founder of Rebuild the Dream.

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, another founding leader of the coalition, said that while we are making incremental progress, even financial publications are raising income inequality as a threat to our democracy.

“If too many people feel that our society becomes closed to job opportunity, to education opportunity, even to the opportunity to move one’s child into the middle class, then that democracy is damaged. And I care too much about this country to allow that to happen,” said Malloy.

“All of this is focused on the notion that we are not having a discussion of income inequality in this country, and we are not having that discussion at our peril,” said de Blasio.

While in Iowa on the first swing of the national tour, de Blasio laid out eight priority actions:

1. Raise the minimum wage to keep up with the cost of living.

2. Pressure businesses to raise wages for all workers – and establish a wage-tracker to shine a light on both those who do and those who don’t.

3. When awarding federal government contracts, give special consideration to businesses that recognize the right to organize.

4. Ensure every child in America has access to full-day pre-kindergarten.

5. Pay for national pre-k by enacting the Buffett Rule.

6. Pass federal legislation that provides for paid sick leave.

7. End tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, using that money to invest in roads, bridges and mass transit here at home.

8. Close the carried interest loophole that allows Wall Street money managers to have their income taxed less than earned income, using that money to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit for the working poor.

Read more about Mayor de Blasio and the national progressive campaign on income inequality at the New York Times and the mayor’s website.

Who Should Replace Harry Reid as Democratic Leader?

With Senator Harry Reid’s announced retirement, Democrats will need to elect a new Democratic Leader for the Senate.

We want to know who you think it should be.

This senator needs to be able to push a progressive Democratic agenda and stop the extremism that the Tea-Party GOP tries to ram through the Senate.

Who do you think the Democrats in the Senate should elect?

Who Should Replace Harry Reid as Democratic Leader?

Elizabeth Warren Speaks for Me

Elizabeth Warren embodies the progressive spirit we want to see in more elected leaders. You can support our work to elect more progressives like her by ordering this limited edition “Elizabeth Warren Speaks for Me
T-shirt for a donation of $25.

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