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Texas Could Go Blue

As we announced, 21st Century Democrats was thrilled to endorse Representative Colin Allred, from Texas’s 32nd District.

When he defeated 11-term incumbent Pete Sessions, pundits think that in 2020, if we can re-elect Colin and pick up a few more seats Texas could actually turn BLUE.
Imagine that!

Help Turn Texas Blue and Expand the Democrats House Majority – Donate Today

If we can turn Texas from Red-to-Blue, it would make the Republican path to the Presidency almost impossible! That’s why we have to re-elect Representative Allred, defeat Senator Cornyn and turn other red seats to blue in 2020.

Help Turn Texas Blue and Expand the Democrats House Majority – Donate Today

The Republicans are going to do EVERYTHING they can to win back the House next year. And they are going to target freshman member like Colin, especially since a represents a district that had been red for the past 22 years.

That’s why we are writing you today, to ask for your support.
Let’s turn Texas Blue!

Help Turn Texas Blue and Expand the Democrats House Majority – Donate Today

Thanks for all you do.

He’s Trump’s biggest Loyalist!

Senator Lindsey Graham is by far President Trump’s most loyal ally in the Senate.

Vice President Pence said of Graham “I have watched him stand in solidarity with President Trump and our administration.”

It’s time for Graham to go!

Donate To Defeat Lindsey Graham Today

Jaime Harrison, the African-American chairman of the South Carolina Democratic State party and former aide to Rep. James Clyburn has formed an exploratory committee and is eyeing a run for Senate.

21st Century Democrats is encouraging Harrison to make it official.

That’s why we want to have the funds necessary to defeat Lindsey Graham.

Donate To Defeat Lindsey Graham Today

Too often we hear, “What happened to Lindsey Graham.”
It’s time to defeat Donald Trump’s best friend in the Senate.
We need your help today.

Donate To Defeat Lindsey Graham Today

Together we can make this happen!

Senator Jeff Merkley

21st Century Democrats endorsed candidate, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) has decided not to run for president.

Instead of vying for the White House, he will seek a third term in the
Senate in 2020.

Senator Merkley, is one of the Senate’s most progressive members,
identified three “mega crises” he wants to help address: a “crisis of our
, rooted in voting and campaign finance laws; an
“opportunity crisis” for families to thrive; and “climate chaos”.

Donate Today to Help Re-Elect Senator Merkley

Senator Merkley has been an outspoken opponent of the Trump administration’s hard-line immigration and border security policies.

Donate Today to Help Re-Elect Senator Merkley

We have long been a supporter of Senator Merkley and that’s why we
are writing to you today.

Please be as generous as you can today.

We must fight to help re-elect Senator Merkley.

America’s Democrats Podcast #431

People Powering Change.  Teachers at the front line of progressive politics. Mothers leading the fight against gun violence. Plus Bill Press with Representative Jamie Raskin.

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Mothers take on the gun lobby.  Plus, how a wave of teachers strikes in red state America is changing the political landscape. And on his new podcast,  Bill Press talks impeachment with Representative Jamie Raskin .

Support the Show

Goal ThermometerHad enough of Fox News, the House Freedom Caucus, and Donald Trump? If you want the facts that you won’t get from them or from the fake news sites of the alt-right … then stay tuned!

Our sponsor, 21st Century Democrats, works hard to get everyday Democrats involved in returning our party to its roots… and to success at the ballot box.

Sit back and listen, then stand up and fight. And follow 21st Century Democrats on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest progressive news.

Sit back and listen, then stand up and fight!

Shannon Watts

In the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook, Shannon Watts started a movement. Built on the fundamentals of grassroots organizing and the unstoppable power of mothers,  “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” now has 6 million supporters nationwide, with chapters in all 50 states. In a new book, she tells the story of its success.

Eric Blanc

In 2018, in some of the reddest states in our nation, teachers led  a series of walkouts demanding not only better pay for themselves, but better schools for the children they teach.  Writer Eric Blanc embedded himself in this unlikely and powerful rebellion for an inside view of a movement that has the potential to rebuild working class politics in America.

Jamie Raskin

Bill Press launches a new podcast with Congressman Jamie Raskin as his first guest. To hear more of this interview, visit http://billpressshow.com/.

Jim Hightower

Did you get an $800,000 pay raise last year?

For more great interviews, visit our podcast page.

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2020 Candidates

Andy Levin

Andy Levin is a champion of dinner table politics. Working to expand union access and address fair wages.

Tom Malinowski

In 2018, Tom Malinowski won the election for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District by defeating 5 term incumbent Republican Leonard Lance.

Colin Allred

In 2018, Colin Allred defeated 11 term incumbent Pete Sessions to flip Texas’ 32nd Congressional District blue.

Jaime Harrison

Jaime Harrison, the African-American chairman of the South Carolina Democratic State party and former aide to Rep. James Clyburn, has formed an exploratory committee and…
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Debbie Mucarsel-Powell

In 2018, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell flipped Florida’s 26th Congressional District blue in a close race where the difference was just %1 of the total vote.

Jennifer Wexton

Jennifer Wexton ousted a 2 term incumbent Republican in Virginia’s 10th District in a hard fought campaign in 2018. In 2020, she will need our…
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Jason Crow

Jason Crow flipped Colorado’s 6th Congressional District in 2018, and he will need our help to keep it blue in 2020.

Jeanne Shaheen

Senator Shaheen is committed to fighting for better education, good-paying jobs and higher environmental standards for America. Progressive Credentials: As Governor of New Hampshire, Senator…
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Jeff Merkley

Senator Jeff Merkley has decided not to run for president. Instead of vying for the White House, he will seek a third term in the…
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Eloise Gomez Reyes

The progressive Democrat in the race is Eloise Gomez Reyes, an attorney and community activist who has fought for working families throughout her entire career….
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John Sarbanes

Committed to fighting back against the influence of big money in Washington, Representative John Sarbanes of Maryland introduced the Government By the People Act to…
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Chellie Pingree

“Pingree can work hard. Give her any job — chopping wood, planting a garden, canning vegetables, raising children, rewriting the U.S. Farm Bill.” With that, Maine…
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Ben Ray Luján

Former Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and representing New Mexico’s 3rd District in the House of Representatives since 2009, Ben Ray Lujan is…
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