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Clint Zweifel

“I believe public service is a place to create dialogue and move policy debate to where we can focus on creating opportunities for all Americans to share the rewards of economic growth.”

State Representative Clint Zweifel understands the problems facing Missouri’s working families and has the knowledge and skills to make a real difference in people’s lives. He has repeatedly demonstrated a commitment to expanding access to affordable health care, providing students with a high-quality education, clamping down on mortgage fraud and providing foreclosure relief for struggling homeowners. 21st Century Democrats is excited to see Representative Zweifel continue his work for all Missourians as the next State Treasurer.

From the moment he joined the legislature in Jefferson City, Representative Zweifel’s passion to help others was clearly on display. Shortly after being sworn in, he led the fight to stop the closure of North St. Louis County`s only Level II trauma center. He was able to work with both parties to identify a plan that would increase funding for trauma care throughout the state and also provided increased finical stability for the system.

Representative Zweifel has also been a strong advocate for education in Missouri, standing up for teachers and student. To fight the rising costs of college tuition, he developed a plan called Missouri Promise, which guarantees access to a four year state college or university for all Missourians who meet GPA and community service requirements. As State Treasurer, Representative Zweifel will continue to work for universal pre-school throughout Missouri to help children get ready for elementary school and begin the process of life-long learning needed to succeed in the 21st century.

Representative Zweifel has a unique understanding of the challenges facing Missouri families in these tough economic times. Clint was the research and education director up to the point of running for treasurer. He maintained the position through his tenure as State Representative. As the ranking member on the Ways and Means Committee and the Special Committee on Tax Reform, he worked on numerous issues impacting the pocketbooks of workers across the state.

Missouri needs a new kind of for State Treasurer. Representative Zweifel desire to transform the Treasurer’s Office to provides real policy solutions on issues such as college tuition, health care coverage, social security and taxes make him the clear choice for Missouri voters. 21st Century Democrats is proud to support Clint Zweifel and look forward to his election in November.

Race Facts

Race Type: Open Seat (Currently Republican)
Primary Election Opponent: Andria Simckes and Mark Powell
Primary Election Date: August 5, 2008
Primary Election Result: Won
General Election Opponents: Brad Lager
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Won, 50.4% – 47.2%


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