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Wendy Davis

“I envision and will work for an America where we provide opportunity for educating and advancing (up and out of poverty) the least among us. My education provided that opportunity for me.”

Wendy Davis is an attorney and former Fort Worth City Council member who has been deeply involved in the civic and business activities of Tarrant County for almost two decades. She resigned from the Fort Worth City Council after being elected to her fifth term in office to run for Texas State Senate District 10, which encompasses most of southern Tarrant County and large sections of the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington.

Wendy’s life story demonstrates the power of education to transform lives. She was raised by a single mother with only a 6th grade education, and Wendy ended up as a young, divorced, single mother herself. Community college opened the doors for Wendy to find success for her family. She then achieved scholarships to TCU where she graduated first in her class and went on to graduate with honors from Harvard Law School. Her family’s financial challenges drew her into the work force at age 14, but her determination and hard work paved the way for Wendy to be the first in her family to graduate from college.

She is dedicated to helping others achieve their potential and believes that government can have a positive role in people’s lives. Wendy is an advocate for a vibrant community college system, strategic economic development, equal access to quality public education, affordable housing and comprehensive health care for the children of Texas.

In both her public and private life, Wendy has been passionate about giving kids a chance to succeed in life. Understanding the challenges facing working class families to provide care for their children during summer months, she partnered with Southside Community leaders to create the Mobile Summer Recreation Program. This public-private partnership gives working parents a free, safe, educational place to send their children. Wendy has also been an active supporter of Summerbridge, a program that specifically targets young people with an interest in teaching who show promise, but for whom college is not a likely part of their future because of financial and other challenges. She is also a proponent of the creation of a 5th service academy that is civilian based and connects talented young people to public service.

Wendy’s commitment to moving the community forward is evidenced by her progressive leadership on the Fort Worth City Council. Through numerous economic development and revitalization public/private partnerships, she sought to create new jobs for local residents and to ensure that all segments of the community would benefit from the projects. Wendy stood her ground against the moneyed interests when she fought to relocate housing authority residents to mixed-income communities. She has also played a vital role in regional transportation and land use planning, and she championed a residential recycling program that has more than doubled recycling in Fort Worth.

Recently noted as one of Fort Worth’s “50 Most Powerful People” by Fort Worth Magazine, Wendy’s service to the community has been recognized with numerous awards for her leadership on transportation, extraordinary commitment to central city revitalization and her lifetime of contributions to the Hispanic community in Tarrant County. Wendy worked closely with the state legislature to bring positive change to her constituents.

Unfortunately, Wendy has too frequently seen the needs of local citizens overlooked, taking a back seat to powerful special interest influences in Austin. She believes that the people of Tarrant County are simply not being represented as they should be at the State level. 21st Century Democrats agrees that Texas needs Wendy’s “make things happen” brand of involved leadership in the State Senate.

Race Facts

Race Type: Democratic Challenge
Primary Election Opponent(s): None
Primary Election Date: March 4, 2008
Primary Election Result: Won Primary
General Election Opponent(s): Kim Brimer (GOP), Richard Cross (Libertarian)
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Won, 51.3% – 46.6%


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