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Brian Frosh: Elected

As Maryland Attorney General, Brian E. Frosh is committed to serving as the “people’s lawyer.”

To improve lives and bring fairness, equality and justice to all Marylanders, Frosh’s priorities include keeping communities safe, limiting deceptive and predatory business practices, and promoting transparency and openness in government.

As attorney general, Frosh’s crime prevention strategy includes working to expand educational and economic opportunities for all Marylanders, reducing gang activity and strengthening effective rehabilitation programs and prisoner reentry programs.

Progressive Credentials: As a state lawmaker, prior to taking office as Maryland’s 46th attorney general, Frosh authored legislation to protect Marylanders from gun violence and ensure that all Marylanders have clean water to drink and clean air to breathe.

First elected to the Maryland General Assembly in 1986, Frosh played a major role in shepherding landmark legislation on gun safety, increased protections for victims of domestic violence and expanding the state’s DNA database to help police catch criminals. He has been a leader in getting assault weapons and other dangerous firearms off the streets.

Why We Like Him: Frosh authored important environmental laws, including a ban on drilling for oil and gas in the Chesapeake Bay as well as the Maryland Recycling Act. He fought to make college affordable by reducing tuition costs at Maryland’s public colleges and universities, and to protect Maryland families against the threat of foreclosure.

Frosh has received awards for his work in the legislature and community from organizations including the Sierra Club, American Lung Association, Maryland State Bar Association and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters. He was recognized by the Daily Record in 2010 with the Leadership in Law Award and was honored by his Senate peers with the First Citizen Award, presented to Marylanders who have been dedicated and effective participants in the process of making government work for the benefit of all.

Candidate Sites: To learn more about Brian Frosh, you can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


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