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Reckless Politics: GOP Stunt Sends Dangerous Message

In an attempt to undermine President Obama, 47 Republican senators sent an irresponsible letter to the Iranian government, threatening to undo any agreement the U.S. and Iran make.

“Republicans are undermining our commander-in-chief while empowering the ayatollahs,” said Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid.

“We should always have robust debate about foreign policy, but it’s unprecedented for one political party to directly intervene in an international negotiation with the sole goal of embarrassing the president of the United States.”

47republicansBy undermining the president and U.S. foreign policy, Republicans played right into the hands of Iranian hardliners who want to paint the U.S. as neither a serious nor trustworthy negotiating partner.

While Iranian leaders publicly dismissed the GOP’s attempt to sabotage the negotiations, which seek a diplomatic deal to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, the letter could still do lasting damage to U.S. credibility.

“This is just another signal, coming on the heels of the partisan invitation to Netanyahu, that Republicans really aren’t interested in evaluating this deal,” said Senator Chris Murphy. “They’re just interested in embarrassing this president.”

By making the U.S. seem less reliable, the GOP’s reckless stunt could do more than derail these talks. It could also lead our European allies to abandon sanctions on Iran altogether.

If negotiations fail and sanctions end, the Republicans could have cleared a dangerous path to another war in the Middle East — which may be their intent.

“Republicans seem to be itching for war. When you sabotage the effort to reach a peace agreement by the leader of the United States of America, that is really unspeakable,” said Senator Bernie Sanders.

“Apparently, some of my Republican colleagues do not believe that two wars are enough.”

Click to check the list of 47 Republicans being called traitors in the news
and social media. Then let them know that you won’t stand for Republicans
playing partisan politics with U.S. national security.



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