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Adam M. Fetterman

Race Facts – Florida 81st Congressional District

Race Type: Open Seat (currently Republican)
Primary Election Opponent: Bill Ramos
Primary Election Date: August 26, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Election Opponent: Michael DiTerlizzi
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results: Won, 50.0% – 45.0%

“I relish the opportunity to be an agent of change, refusing to accept the status quo, always believing we can improve.”

That’s why Adam is so motivated to be an agent of change for the 81st district of Florida. Adam has a long history of producing great results anywhere he goes, from his law office to his work as a community leader and public servant. We expect nothing less of him as the state representative of Florida’s 81st district. In fact, Adam Fetterman has big plans for the 81st district as well as Florida as a whole.

Adam’s plans for the district include creating a health care system that covers all Americans, not just those able to afford it or those who are in a job that provides it. He wants to pay teachers what they deserve and provide every student with the tools necessary to truly learn and not just pass the test. Adam recognizes the importance of investing in our youth and has a plan to financially and tactically provide those tools needed. Likewise, Adam shares Americans’ concerns about our dependence on foreign oil and sees the connection between our energy needs and foreign policy as one of the most important and eminent issues facing our nation. Adam wants to make Florida an international leader, both in bio-fuel production and renewable energy research and development. He believes Florida is poised to be a center of biotech research with a bounty of land perfectly suited for bio-fuel crops like sugar cane and citrus for ethanol and oil palms for bio-diesel. Given Adam’s history, we at Twenty-First Century Democrats have no doubt that he will be able to produce great results.

As a board member of the Neighborhood Housing Services of Asheville, North Carolina, he successfully turned around an organization that was $3,000,000 in debt, administratively defunct, and managerially corrupt. NHS is now the premier affordable housing provider in Asheville. In Florida, Adam has worked to build stronger, safer communities, leading the effort to clean up a seriously flawed and mismanaged program. The community and law enforcement partnership through the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, intended to help communities prevent crime, is now back on its feet and fulfilling its original intent to remove the criminal element from a designated area and replace it with positive opportunities and hope. Finally, he helped a family-run law firm, three decades old, develop an innovative community service program, committed to serving the people through their safety public service announcements, initiatives, and projects.

Adam Fetterman’s track record speaks for itself. He has succeeded and produced great results as a community organizer and public leader. Twenty-First Century Democrats looks forward to seeing what great things Adam Fetterman produces next and is proud to endorse his candidacy as he continues his quest to improve America.


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