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Al McAffrey

Oklahoma State Representative Al McAffrey was re-elected in July 2008 to serve another two years. He is proud to represent the 88th district, a diverse neighborhood in Oklahoma City, where he has raised his family. Representative McAffrey understands the challenges facing working families in Oklahoma and he will continue to work in the legislature to provide them with the tools they need to weather these tough economic times.

Representative McAffrey believes that America must provide its people with better access to health care, improve education in our public schools and establish a more compassionate approach toward care for senior citizens. He is determined to ensure the security of all Oklahomans, improve public transportation, encourage economic development, and empower the thriving arts community in his district.

Representative McAffrey worked to reduce the number of uninsured Oklahomans. His bill would expand eligibility for the states premium assistance program, and expand the premium assistance program to include not-for-profit employers. To protect our children he worked to establish requirements on Child Care Facilities that would help insure the safety of our children. He also helps our children by passing the Diabetes Management in Schools Act, and to enhance physical activity among students in kindergarten through the fifth grade.

Representative McAffrey introduced Hate crime legislation. He tried to provide the employees of the State of Oklahoma a fair wage increase. This legislation was not passed but will be re-introduced in the 2009 session. He is a leader with the Freshman Democrats. Since Oklahoma has a 12 year term limit for State Representatives and Senators he has since worked with the Democratic Leadership to improve the position of the newly elected representatives.

21st Century Democrats is proud to endorse Representative McAffrey for reelection to the Oklahoma State House. He is a proven progressive leader, who is unwilling to accept discrimination and inequality. His efforts to increase health care coverage and economic growth for all Oklahomans exemplify how progressives can make a difference at the local level. Representative Al McAffrey is a strong voice for the residents of the 88th House District and deserves to be returned to the legislature.


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