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Anton Gunn

“I will fight for a first class public education system, for better infrastructure and smart growth and I will work for better health care choices that stop strangling our small business by burdening them with skyrocketing health care costs.”
For more than a decade, Anton Gunn has been a strong voice for progressive ideals. Today, as a Executive Director of a public interest nonprofit, he is running for South Carolina’s House of Representatives in District 79. Anton holds a B.A. in History (1994) and a Master of Social Work (2001) from the University of South Carolina. He is an experienced community leader, public policy analyst, and community advocate on social and political issues.With his expertise and trustworthiness, political leaders turn to Anton. Recently, as the South Carolina Political Director, he was a driving force behind Senator Barack Obama’s decisive Presidential Primary victory in the state. Through this role, he provided Obama with strategic political leadership and guidance during the crucial early state Primary.

As the son of a public school teacher, Anton is passionate about improving education in South Carolina. Once elected, he will fight to make sure a high quality education is the standard for all South Carolina’s school and Anton will defend public education against attacks by private school advocates who want to take money out of the system with vouchers and tax credits. He believes that the teaching profession needs to be valued and he will work to raise teacher salaries to the national average.

As a progressive visionary, Anton believes that every family deserves a family doctor and people who work hard for a living and play by the rules should be able to take their kids to a doctor when they are sick. No one should go without health insurance because of a preexisting condition. Upon election, Anton will work for affordable and quality health care reform that gives children, families, and small business owners more choices, including the choice to stay with their own doctor.

A dedicated leader in South Carolina, Anton is the new leadership that this country needs. He is committed to establishing a strong coalition between issues and constituencies that pushes sustainability and progress for the future of South Carolina, as well as a government that can honestly serve its people, and he will not back down until this work is done. 21st Century Democrats is happy to endorse Anton Gunn and knows he has the leadership and determination to improve America and the quality of life for the people of South Carolina.

Race Facts

Race Type: Democratic Challenge
Primary Election Opponent: None
Primary Election Date: June 10, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Election Opponent: David Herndon (GOP)
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Won, 53.9% – 46.0%


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