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Bill Foster

“Year after year the same people run for office and nothing changes in Washington. I’m Bill Foster, and as a scientist and businessman I want to stop the political bickering and start solving problems.”
Bill Foster is a father, scientist, successful entrepreneur and Democrat who is committed to changing the way business is done in Washington. This is Bill’s first run for public office, but throughout his professional career he has demonstrated a unique ability to identify and solve problems. 21st Century Democrats is thrilled to be part of the effort to elect Bill to Congress so he can take his skills and experience to Washington and make our government work for the people again.

As the next Representative from Illinois’ 14th district, Bill will “bring about positive change via practical solutions,” and “will be a leading voice in Congress for responsible investment of taxpayer dollars.” He believes that we need to start solving our nation’s problems on the basis of scientific fact and business reality, rather than blind ideology and party loyalty. One of the primary reasons Bill is running for Congress is to bring a “rapid and responsible end to the war in Iraq.” He became involved in electoral politics in 2006 after learning about retired Army Captain Patrick Murphy’s campaign for Congress. Bill was so inspired that he moved to Pennsylvania to volunteer for the campaign full-time and helped Congressman Murphy win the election by 1,518 votes.

Bill is also very concerned about the accessibility and affordability of health care in Illinois and across the country. Having owned and operated a small business, he knows that the rising cost of health insurance is a growing burden for American employers. When he was 19 years old, Bill and his brother started a theater lighting company with $500 from their parents. The company, Electronic Theatre Controls, is now the global leader in theater lighting and provides quality jobs with good pay and benefits to over 500 American workers. In Congress, Bill will fight to create more employment opportunities and a universal health care system that is “efficient, proactive and makes economic sense.”

Bill believes that it is not only unnecessary, but immoral, to saddle our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars in government debt. Solving the quagmire in Iraq and our health care crisis will help address our fiscal problems, but that we must make the right choices to get our economy back on track. In 22 years at the Fermi National Laboratory, Bill demonstrated his ability to get things done, managing multimillion dollar research and construction projects. He knows how to plan and budget responsibly, but Bill also understands that in bad economic times, “those who suffer will not be the wealthy that have taken their tax breaks and moved their equity safely into off-shore mutual funds; it will be working people and those who depend on the safety net from government services.”

Bill is also dedicated to protecting our environment. Once elected, he will “aggressively combat climate change, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, and promote more economical sources of energy.” At Fermilab, Bill invented, designed and built scientific equipment using state-of-the-art technologies. In Congress, he will use his technical knowledge and experience to help our government identify and invest in promising new energy solutions.

Bill Foster has spent his adult life solving tough problems and creating promising opportunities, and that is exactly what he will do as a Member of Congress. For too long our government has represented big corporations and the wealthiest members of society instead of working Americans and middle-class families. 21st Century Democrats is confident that Bill Foster will be the next Congressman from Illinois 14th district and help ensure that our government works for all Americans.

Race Facts

Race Type: Democratic Protect
Special Election Opponent: Jim Oberweis
Special Election Date: March 8, 2008
Special Election Results: Won, 53% – 47%
General Election Opponent: Jim Oberweis
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results: Won, 38.6% – 28.2%


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