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Catherine Cortez Masto

With Senator Harry Reid retiring and control of the U.S. Senate at stake, the Koch brothers and the GOP have made this Nevada Senate seat a priority target. In other words, money will be no object for the Republican in this race.

But Democrats couldn’t ask for a better candidate than Catherine Cortez Masto, who has proven herself to be a strong campaigner in her past races for Nevada Attorney General.

Progressive Credentials:  Having spent her career fighting for the middle class and those most vulnerable, expect Cortez Masto as a senator to continue making it her priority to protect women, homeowners and seniors.

A lifelong advocate for women and children, Cortez Masto worked to strengthen laws preventing sex trafficking and violence against women. She helped pass a bill that established the crime of sex trafficking of children and adults, allowed victims to receive assistance, and gave them the right to sue their traffickers. She also took steps to protect children from sexual predators by passing new laws that strengthened the registration and notification requirements of convicted sex offenders.

To aid middle-class families, and protect consumers and homeowners, Cortez Masto created the Mortgage Fraud Strike Force to investigate and prosecute fraudulent foreclosure rescue and loan modification scams. And she led the fight against foreclosure fraud, securing an estimated $1.9 billion from big banks on behalf of Nevada homeowners as part of the National Mortgage Settlement.

And Cortez Masto created a senior protection unit in the Attorney General’s office to ensure that state investigators and prosecutors had the necessary tools to pursue those who abuse, neglect or exploit seniors.

Candidate Quote: “We need to recognize that women have the capacity to be great leaders. They bring a different and much needed perspective to the table. Nevada could benefit from more women in leadership roles, and so could our country.”

Candidate Sites:  To learn more about Catherine Cortez Masto, visit her website, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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