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Connie Pillich

“I will fight to solve the problems that our legislature has ignored for years: affordable health care, quality education, jobs for Ohio’s future and care for our returning veterans.”

For Captain Connie Pillich, it has always been about service. Whether she was serving her country as an officer in the US Air Force, serving her family as a dedicated wife and mother or serving her community as a local activist and small business owner, Captain Pillich has consistently worked for the greater good.

Connie Pillich was raised in Buffalo, New York, the youngest of five children. The daughter of a teacher and a banker, she attended the local public schools. After graduating from high school with honors, Captain Pillich received an Air Force ROTC Scholarship and worked part-time jobs to pay her way through college. She was commissioned into the US Air Force as a second lieutenant and served with distinction all over the world and in support of Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. She separated/received an honorable discharge from the Air Force in 1991 and settled in Cincinnati to raise her family and open her own business.

Connie Pillich refuses to stand idly by when she sees injustice. When health care companies in Ohio refused to cover preventative mammograms, she contacted legislators, organized breast cancer awareness events, and passed out leaflets to inform women about self-examination. Ohio’s lawmakers took notice of her activism and enacted a law forcing health care companies to cover this life-saving procedure. After a rash of women were murdered by their partners around Cincinnati, Captain Pillich refused to sit around and watch the problem persist. She stood up for the safety of women in Ohio and campaigned for a mandatory arrest policy to ensure that the person accused of domestic violence would be immediately arrested and removed from the premises. She believed that a mandatory arrest would provide a cooling-off period to interrupt a violent situation. With her advocacy and leadership, the mandatory arrest policy was implemented and murders by domestic partners went down 81%. Ultimately, Captain Pillich’s hard work and determination helped to reduce violence against women in Cincinnati.

Once elected, Captain Pillich will establish an Ohio Service Program, to allow students to trade service years for college education. The program – similar to the Peace Corps, ROTC, and Americorps – would provide students with incentive to stay in Ohio, invest in the state, and promote the importance of service to the country. As a veteran, Captain Pillich values the hard work and patriotism of her fellow veterans. She believes that when they return from war, we owe them top quality health care, strong mental care, substance abuse services and job replacement services.

Captain Pillich has a strong progressive vision for Ohio. At her core, she believes that every person deserves the opportunity to achieve their dreams and every person deserves respect. Through her lifetime of service, she has shown that she has what it takes to make positive changes. 21st Century Democrats is honored to endorse Captain Connie Pillich and confident that she will be an exceptional public servant for the people of Ohio’s 28th House District.

Race Facts

Race Type: Democratic Challenge
Primary Election Opponent: None
Primary Election Date: March 4, 2008
Primary Election Result: Won
General Election Opponents: Virgil Lovitt (open seat)
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Won, 54.3% – 45.7%


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