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Dan Scripps

“I want a more just, more confident Michigan that ensures its people have the ability to take advantage of a changing world. I want a Michigan where every person has the opportunity to make the most of their God-given potential, exploring the possibilities of life and the opportunities to contribute their skills and talents in fulfilling ways. I want a sustainable Michigan, where we protect the incredible and unique natural resources so central both to our health and quality of life.”
Dan Scripps is an intelligent and hard working native Michigander who cares deeply for the people and land. Dan’s vibrant and progressive voice summons an optimistic vision for the 21st Century where all citizens have the opportunity to succeed. He refuses to accept that Michigan’s economy is finished. He refuses to believe that Michigan’s majestic natural beauty must be destroyed in order to create jobs. He refuses to accept inequality in the state school system. Dan believes the best is still ahead for Michigan. Dan Scripps has the progressive outlook so desperately needed in Michigan’s 101st House District. He supports reducing Michigan’s carbon footprint and has the vision to lead his state through the tough transition from an industrial and manufacturing past to a more fluid, globalized future. This transition must be accompanied by a robust safety net of increased educational opportunities, incentives for workers to become entrepreneurs and foreclosure protection for struggling families. Also, Dan is dedicated to improving the education system in Michigan by reducing class sizes and increasing focus on inner city and rural schools alike.Following his first campaign in 2006, Dan chose not to return to his previous career as a lawyer at one of the top firms in the country. Instead, he decided to devote his time to his state. He worked as a Founding Champion with Michigan’s Defining Moment Campaign, which is a bi-partisan statewide operation aimed at awakening Michigan residents to the increasing challenges and opportunities facing the state, and developing an inclusive agenda for achieving a stronger, more sustainable Michigan. In addition, Scripps chairs the economic development committee of the Northport – Omena Chamber of Commerce and is Vice-Chair of the Leelanau Children’s Center.

Dan is also a cofounder of the Michigan Election Law Project, a group that works to counter voter intimidation and spearheaded the research efforts for the reauthorization of the Voting Rights Act. The national research begun by the Michigan Election Law Project grew to become a clearinghouse of information regarding the Voting Rights Act of 2006.

Before graduating from Alma College in 1998, Mr. Scripps showed early signs of his potential to be a great leader by serving as editor of the college newspaper and President of the Alma College Student Congress. He graduated with honors from the University of Michigan Law School in 2005. Currently, Dan owns his own consulting business, Bright Future LLC and recently worked with the Leelanau Conservancy to develop a program to preserve Leelanau County’s family farms.

21st Century Democrats is proud to stand behind Dan Scripps’ progressive values and beliefs and urge you to support his campaign for State Representative in Michigan’s 101st district.

Race Facts

Race Type: Open Seat (Currently Republican)
Primary Election Opponent: None
Primary Election Date: August 5, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Election Opponent: Unknown
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results: Won, 60.0% – 40.1%


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