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Dan Seals

“When we give every single person the chance to realize their potential, our country will in turn realize its own potential.”

Twenty-First Century Democrats is proud to endorse Dan Seals for Congress because he is the best candidate to fight for the people of Illinois’ 10th Congressional District and bring change to Washington.

Dan has a bold vision for the future of our country. He wants to restore the American Dream and spread opportunity to every corner of society. He envisions a nation where healthcare is considered a right instead of a privilege, our economy is measured not just by its size but by how wealth is dispersed, our environment is valued as a national treasure, and all Americans feel that their children have the opportunity to succeed.

Dan will work hard for the families of the 10th district. As a resident of Wilmette, he recognizes the value of community and the importance of increasing opportunity for all. “When families have to struggle to find a safe neighborhood, a decent school, affordable healthcare, and care for their parents, the whole community feels the effect.”

Dan is appalled by the condition of the healthcare system in our country. He believes that it is “immoral that any parent in the world’s wealthiest nation should have to consider his or her pocketbook when their child needs to go to the emergency room.” Dan wants to create a universal healthcare system that makes healthcare not just affordable, but portable. He argues that too many Americans stay in jobs they shouldn’t because they need to keep their healthcare and that too many businesses are pushed to the breaking point by the burden of providing healthcare to their employees. It is time for a better system.

A former teacher, Dan understands the vital role education plays in the success of individuals and our nation as a whole. He is committed to expanding college enrollment by making college tuition fully deductible and expanding Pell grants. He views this not only as the right thing to do, but as a wise investment in the future of our country.

In addition to improving education and healthcare, Dan will make the defense of our natural environment a top priority. He will move America away from its dependence on foreign oil, create jobs for our citizens in emerging industries and protect the environment by investing in alternative and renewable energy. In Congress, Dan will fight to reallocate the billions of dollars in subsidies given to oil, gas and coal companies to invest in research for alternative and renewable energy and to make cars more fuel-efficient.

In 2006, Dan was the winner of Twenty-First Century Democrats’ People’s Choice Candidate Challenge Contest. He was selected for endorsement by our members, from a group of five worthy candidates. Despite limited name recognition, Dan nearly unseated incumbent Congressman Mark Kirk. He was able to secure 47% of the vote even as he was outspent by his opponent nearly 2 to 1. Twenty-First Century Democrats is confident that this year Dan will finish the job, and give Illinois’ 10th congressional district a Representative who puts the needs of the people ahead of partisan politics. We are excited to be associated with such an exceptional candidate and we look forward to working with the Seals’ campaign as they fight to restore the American Dream for the people of Illinois’ 10th congressional district and the nation.

Race Facts:

Race Type: Democratic Challenge
Primary Election Opponent: Jay Footlik
Primary Election Date: February 5, 2008
Primary Election Result: Won, 81% – 18%
General Election Opponent: Mark Kirk (GOP)
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results: Lost, 47.4% – 52.6%


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