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Darcy Burner

“Leadership is seeing the big picture, knowing how to get there, and then painting that picture so vividly that the rest of the world eagerly comes along.”

A lifelong hard worker, Darcy wants to help all Washingtonians achieve the success that she has earned. She believes in providing the security and the opportunities for every individual to be able to reach for their dreams.

“I am running for Congress because my experience as a mother and a businesswoman tells me that the country is headed in the wrong direction – and that together we can change it.”

What Makes Darcy an Extraordinary, Visionary Leader?

Darcy wants to show Americans what is possible, to capture their imagination with bold ideas worth fighting for. Just as JFK inspired the nation with his vision of the Apollo program, Darcy believes we need to capture a new vision for health care, education, and human rights.

She supports stem cell research to find much needed cures that will save the lives of suffering millions. Dave Reichert recently voted against such funding and the president vetoed the measure. Darcy believes the president was elected to try and serve our constitution, not to try and save our souls, and she knows that strong leadership is needed to challenge him on this issue, to represent the vast majority who believe in scientific progress.

She opposes allowing more nuclear waste to be stored at Hanford – a measure surprisingly affirmed by incumbent Dave Reichert – and she knows oil companies should be held to the same tax standards as other companies.

Darcy believes in preserving the fortunes of Americans and in extending good will to other nations by providing them with essential family planning and health care services. As a Congresswoman, Darcy would work to improve the world for her constituents, her nation, and every individual in need.

Her dedication and ability have been widely recognized both in Washington and around the country:

“Darcy knows how to get things done and I am confident she will represent her district in Washington with the same vigor and integrity that she brought to the high-tech world.” – Ellen Malcolm, President of Emily’s List Background

Darcy Burner recently left Microsoft to work for policies that will help families who work hard and play by the rules get the opportunities they deserve. She grew up in a military family and she worked hard in school, graduated at the top of her class and put herself through Harvard. After graduation, Darcy worked for 12 years in the high tech sector – including as an executive at Microsoft.

She is a successful business woman, community leader, and mother.

Burner’s platform centers on helping families who work hard to get ahead, holding government at all levels accountable, achieving real energy independence, and working for a strong national defense. She believes in increasing the minimum wage, increasing access to healthcare for all, and increasing access to college educations for all who wish to apply themselves.

Burner has long been active in her community and in state politics, leaving Microsoft only to pursue the 8th Congressional District seat.

Race Facts
Race Type: Democratic Challenge
Primary Opponent: None
Primary Date: September 19, 2006
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Opponent: Rep. Dave Reichert (incumbent)
General Election Date: November 7, 2006
General Election Results: Loss, 49 – 51 percent


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