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Debbie Halvorson

“We need to restore our commitment to the greater good and remind ourselves that America can do better. We must do better, not only for Americans but for people around the globe.”
Debbie Halvorson is a lifelong resident of Illinois’11th Congressional District. She grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago and currently lives in the village of Crete, nearby. Representing her beloved home for the past decade, she has been a voice for progress in the Illinois State Senate. Her dedication and results were rewarded by her peers when she was the first woman elected to Majority Leader in Illinois history.

Halvorson has spent her career fighting for working families. Her tireless work ethic is motivated by her belief that America urgently needs to return to strong community-focused values if it is going to prosper in the 21st Century. Halvorson wants to pursue a society where equal opportunity exists, and where Americans work together for broadly shared prosperity. Otherwise, the same challenges that we’ve failed to comprehensively address for years – energy, health care, living wage, public education, protecting the environment – will continue to hold America back and the consequences will be devastating.

Debbie Halvorson has an impressive track record of supporting progressive values and enacting effective legislation. While Illinois State Senate, Halvorson had a number of important accomplishments including implementing a prescription drug plan to cut medical costs for seniors and people with disabilities, creating a Veterans’ health insurance program, enforcing stiffer penalties for hit and run drivers and designing rules to protect seniors moving into Nursing Homes. One of Senator Halvorson’s successful domestic violence initiatives requires that orders of protection from other states be enforced in the same manner as those that originated in Illinois.

Enacting legislation that puts people first will be State Senator Halvorson’s only priority once she is in Congress. Among her bold policy goals is a plan to provide all Americans with affordable and accessible health care, ensuring that college students graduate with substantially less debt, and that college becomes a reachable goal for working families are at the top of Halvorson’s agenda. Ignoring our global climate crisis is something that Debbie Halvorson will not tolerate; she knows we need to seriously invest in renewable energy to create jobs and reduce our carbon footprint.

21st Century Democrats is delighted to endorse Debbie Halvorson for US Congress. Her strong commitment to community, progressive values and ambitious goals for the 111th Congress make State Senator Halvorson’s the only choice in Illinois’ 11th district.

Race Facts:

Race Type: Open Seat (currently Republican)
Primary Election Opponent: None
Primary Election Date: February 5, 2008
Primary Election Result: Won Primary
General Election Opponents: Marty Ozinga
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Won, 58.4% – 34.5%


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