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Denise Juneau

“I am a firm believer in the power of public education because I know what it can do for individuals and for our state. We all know that a good education brings better jobs, more opportunities, and stronger communities. We must continue to advocate for first-class public schools.”

Denise Juneau is a passionate leader for Montana’s students and teachers with the experience and desire necessary to help all children reach their full potential. Montanans are known for working hard and Juneau is no exception. 21st Century Democrats knows Juneau will bring her strong work ethic and dedication to fairness to the Superintendent’s Office. Denise has been a life-long learner from her enrollment in Head Start through her law degree from the University of Montana. She graduated from high school in Browning, MT and continued on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English at Montana State University. She then won the Rockefeller Brother’s Foundation Fellowship, which allowed her to attend Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. With a Master of Education degree, Juneau began her English teaching career. After successful years teaching in Montana, Juneau was determined to improve the state’s public school system and went to work in the State Superintendent’s office. Her work taught her that she could better advocate in the education system with a law degree. And in 2004 Juneau graduated from the law school at the University of Montana. Denise clerked for the Montana Supreme Court and worked for a law firm before returning to the Superintendent’s Office to become a division administrator and works on student achievement issues and curriculum development.

Once in office, Juneau will fight to ensure the State of Montana continues to adequately fund education and continues to receive money via competitive federal grants. She is committed to increasing student’s access to new technology, improving the state’s curriculum and ensuring that teachers receive the compensation they deserve for their hard work. Finally, Juneau believes that the single test score approach to evaluating student achievement instituted by No Child Left Behind is insufficient and she will advocate for a more comprehensive system for measuring how students are learning.

As Montana’s next State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Denise Juneau will continue to do what she has done her entire adult life – improve children’s education. Her track record as a teacher, attorney, and Director of Indian Education demonstrates a compassion for the well-being of students and a clear grasp the processes to improve it. 21st Century Democrats is excited to endorse Denise Juneau and look forward to her election in November.

Race Facts

Race Type: Open Seat (currently Democratic)
Primary Election Opponent:
Primary Election Date: June 3, 2008
Primary Election Result: Won
General Election Opponents: Elaine Sollie Herman and Donald Eisenmenger
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Won, 51.0% – 43.8%


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