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Diane Farrell

“Knowing how to spark ideas and progress and how to help people achieve their all – that’s what being a leader is all about.”

A born leader with broad support across her state, Diane plans to introduce much needed reforms to carry her state forward into the future. She knows how to balance competing interests and arrive at policies that will benefit every citizen of Connecticut.

“I’m running for Congress to fight for a government that leaves for the next generation the same thing our parents and grandparents left my generation: a better life.” – Diane Farrell

What Makes Diane an Extraordinary, Visionary Leader?

Diane wants to “stand up to those who believe government can’t be a force for good,” to use her place in government to create a better future. She believes the New Apollo Energy Act is an essential step in moving toward energy independence and a greener lifestyle. Under her leadership, Westport was the first Connecticut town to purchase “green energy credits,” enabling the town to receive cleaner, more environmentally-friendly energy.

Diane is constantly planning for the future, but she also supports those who have gotten us where we are today. Her enthusiasm pushed through a project to build a new senior center on time and under budget. That center now serves over seventeen hundred seniors every week.

In Congress, Diane would be a vital force in serving every American, preserving our roots, protecting what we have, and preparing for our future:

“Diane is a champion for working families all over the United States” –Connecticut AFL-CIO


Diane Farrell has rooted her political career in strong family traditions and community commitment. From her home in Westport, she became a well-respected regional leader, advocating on behalf of transportation reforms and improved fiscal regulation. During her eight years as First Selectwoman, she was able to put her ideas into practice and her record of accomplishments drew praise across party lines.

During her term Diane ensured that all citizens had a voice in government, and sought to protect those least able to represent themselves. She won tax relief for the elderly and better funding for public schools, modernized town infrastructure and improved public safety. She was successful in uniting her constituents as they looked toward a common future, and organized TEAM-Westport to promote greater community understanding.

In 2004, she was nominated to run for Congress and raised over 1.5 million dollars as regional support poured into her effort. In a narrow race, she captured 48 percent of the vote in one of the closest defeats nationwide. Since that time, she has remained an active participant in her community, inspiring those around her to work towards common goals.

Race Facts

Race Type: Democratic Challenge
Primary Opponent:None
Primary Date: August 8, 2006
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Opponent: Rep. Chris Shays (Incumbent)
General Election Date: November 7, 2006
General Election Results: Loss, 49 – 51 percent


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