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Frank Kratovil

“The factors that have guided my decisions as a prosecutor and will continue to guide me as a Congressman are facts, law, fairness and justice.”
Frank Kratovil has spent a lifetime in public service as a public prosecutor working directly with law enforcement officers and citizens to make small towns and rural communities safer. Frank comes from a family with a strong history of public service. His father and mother fought for those without a voice and his two sisters work to with those hurt by war and violence. Frank will continue this family tradition as the Congressman from Maryland’s 1st District because integrity, leadership and results have been the hallmark of Frank’s career.

As a prosecutor, Kratovil’s record of service to the people of Maryland is well documented. In 1997 Frank was appointed Assistant State’s Attorney in Queen Anne’s County, and until 2001 served as the County’s only full-time prosecutor and community prosecutor. As State Attorney, he helped make Queen Anne’s County one of Maryland’s safest county because not a single one of his trials ended in acquittal. In November 2006 he was appointed Co-Chairman of the Public Safety Work Group for Governor-Elect Martin O’Malley’s Transition Team.

Once in Congress, Frank plans on working toward a bold new vision for America. Frank knows America needs to be reclaim its role as the world’s foremost promoter of peace and prosperity. He rejects the Bush Administration’s go-it-alone foreign policies and recognizes that the economic and security challenges we face require cooperation and collaboration with other nations. Domestically, Kratovil plans on reducing our dependence on foreign oil by utilizing promoting innovation in alternative and renewable energies. Instead of a broken, high-deductible, low-coverage healthcare system, Frank will fight for a system in which everyone has world-class care.

Frank is committed to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay through more aggressive leadership on industrial practices, vehicle emissions, storm water controls, sewage treatment plants and power plants throughout the Chesapeake Bay Drainage Basin. All states with water sources in the basin must act in a concerted effort to clean up the Bay. Frank will push for a comprehensive federal strategy to protect the bay and the thousands of Marylanders whose livelihoods are impacted by the bay’s health. He will seek to empower the Environmental Protection Agency with every resource necessary to hold polluters accountable.

21st Century Democrats is endorsing Frank Kratovil for the United States Congress because he has a proven commitment to the people of Maryland and a clear vision for putting America on the right track. His lifetime of serving the public good in Maryland is an example for the next generation.

Race Facts

Race Type: Open
Primary Opponents: Steve Harper, Christopher Robert Robinson, Joseph Werner
Primary Date: February 12, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won
General Opponent: Andy Harris (GOP)
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results: Won, 49% – 48.5%


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