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Gov. Ted Strickland

Office Seeking: Governor, Ohio

Position Held: Governor, Ohio

Primary Election Opponent: None

Primary Election Date: May 4, 2010


General Election Opponents: John Kasich

General Election Date: November 2, 2010


Progressive Credentials:

  • Passed a bill that will require 25% of energy sold in Ohio to come from renewable or advanced energy by 2025
  • Passed a budget that will provide health insurance coverage to every child in Ohio
  • Passed a budget with the largest expenditure for K-12 education since 1980
  • Backed campaign finance reform banning soft money contributions and issue ads
  • Pushed for increased funding and the establishment of programs designed to put the unemployed back to work.

Why we like him: Governor Strickland set in place an expansive stimulus package to create jobs and rebuild communities hit hard by the recession. He worked his way up through effort and sacrifice and has not forgotten his roots. He has consistently made assisting those in need a high priority.

Candidate Quote: “I’m honored to have the support of 21st Century Democrats. Together we can ensure that we emerge from this global economic recession stronger than ever by working for new jobs, affordable higher education, and quality health care for all our citizens.”

Candidate website: http://www.tedstrickland.com/


The son of a steelworker and the eighth of nine children, Ted Strickland was born in Lucasville, Ohio. Like many sons of Southeast Ohio, Ted never imagined that he’d be able to go to college until a high school teacher took him on a trip to the Asbury College and Theological Seminary in Kentucky. It was a visit that changed his life. Ted became the only child in his family to go on to college and has since earned two masters degrees and a PhD.

He has served as an ordained Methodist minister, a psychologist, a college professor, a member of Congress and now as governor of Ohio. Ted Strickland married Frances Smith and the couple soon settled in Southern Ohio.


Race Type: Democratic Protect


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