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Jim Roth

“My vision for America is to build a stronger union where each voice is heard and each person is respected so this Country can become a beacon of hope, innovation and inspiration for the world around us.”

Twenty-First Century Democrats is pleased to announce its endorsement of Jim Roth for Corporation Commissioner of Oklahoma.

Earlier this year, Jim was appointed to replace retiring commissioner Denise Bode and he is now seeking re-election to his seat on the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. His smart, ethical decisions have reinforced the public’s perception of him as a leader who not only gets the job done, but does it in an honest, compassionate and fair way. Finding inspiration in the actions of Robert Kennedy, Jim envisages a future for America where society revolves around mutual respect and citizens work together to achieve bold goals, such as re-establishing the nation’s moral voice in the world.

In pushing for quantum leaps over the failed system of incremental change, Jim has three main priorities – all of which represent the best interests of his fellow Oklahomans as well as society as a whole. In terms of energy, he plans to set Oklahoma on course to be a leader in developing, producing and consuming environmentally friendly energy policies. As County Commissioner, Jim made great strides for Oklahoma’s low and moderate-income seniors. He plans to keep building momentum with policies designed to bring hope to thousands of active seniors – and has done this as an openly gay candidate who champions progressive values.

Jim believes that living his own life honestly and authentically will help others to find the strength to be kind to strangers and treat others with respect, and he values the contribution each and every person can make to their community. Every time, whether he is making a personal or professional decision, Jim asks himself three questions:

-Is it the truth? (Honesty)
-Will it truly help those in need? (Compassion)
-Is it fair to all involved? (Trust)

This ensures that Jim earns respect wherever he goes, and Gov. Brad Henry praises him for the “intellect, integrity and dedication to public service” he exemplifies. The Oklahoman Editorial describes Jim as an “outstanding public servant” with a “professional approach”. At Twenty-First Century Democrats, we believe that the Commissioner’s core values are just what Oklahoma needs to propel the state into a more progressive future. Jim’s “big dreams” include the hope that America will come to “embrace each vibrant thread in its tapestry of people”, and at the age of thirty-eight, has the right balance of experience and idealism to achieve these goals.Jim Roth is ready to take on another term as Corporation Commissioner, and has inspired many with his efforts to be the best public official in the State, regardless of his sexual orientation. In emphasizing vision and job performance as the key considerations for public office, he works to deliver the progress expected and deserved by the public. Jim has always been compelled to “reach beyond” himself and this childhood inspiration has been galvanized by the diverse and kind citizens he encounters every day. In Jim’s words, such citizens “inspire me and feed my soul”. At Twenty-First Century Democrats we look eagerly ahead to seeing Jim’s vision realized and are delighted to support him as he continues to prove that he is, quite simply, the best person for the job.

Race Facts

Race Type: Democratic Protect
Primary Election Opponent: None
Primary Election Date: July 29, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Election Opponent: Unknown
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results: Lost, 47.8% – 52.3%


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