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Joe Garcia

“I`ve learned in life that hard work, strong leadership and a movement from the ground up, whether it be from an organization, local community, city, state or a country is how we can achieve this positive change.”
Joe Garcia is only one generation removed from living under the oppressive regime in Cuba. His parents escaped and Garcia was brought up with strong moral guidance to make a positive difference in the lives of the community. He learned in life that hard work, strong leadership, and a movement from the ground up, can achieve positive change for his fellow citizens. Joe Garcia is running for Congress for Florida’s 25th Congressional District to establish a strong progressive agenda that will rebuild the middle class and power America through the next century.

Having worked his way through college and law school, Garcia was hired to lead the Exodus Project of the Cuban American National Foundation. He traveled to 17 countries and met with dozens of world leaders to reunite thousands of families that have been scattered throughout the world. Under his leadership, the Exodus Project became the most successful private refugee resettlement program in American history reuniting over 10,000 families without any taxpayers’ expense.

He also served as the Chairman of the Florida Public Service Commission, where he took on the largest energy companies in the state and worked with both parties to give the families of Florida the largest energy rate cut in the state’s history.
As the next Congressman from Florida`s 25th Congressional District, Joe will work hard to make sure that universal health care becomes a reality, restore fiscal discipline by committing to Pay-As-You-Go rules, and work to fix our educational system so it rewards teachers rather than test scores. Garcia is worried about the deteriorating economic position of families so he is committed to lowering taxes on working families and offering tax credits for small businesses. He will also expand Pell Grants so every student who has the ability to go to college can go without having to worry about the soaring costs of college education.
Joe Garcia is running for Congress in the 25th Congressional District of Florida because he believes that Americans can work together to change the direction of our country and South Florida. 21st Century Democrats believes that Joe and his dedication to progressive values and willingness to solve problems will help put America back on the right track.

Race Facts:

Race Type: Democratic Challange
Primary Election Opponents: None
Primary Election Date: August 26th, 2008
General Election Opponents: Mario Diaz-Balart
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Lost, 46.9% – 53.0%


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