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John Adler

Office Seeking: US Representative, New Jersey’s 3rd

Race Type: Open Seat (Currently Republican)
Primary Opponent: None
Primary Date: June 3, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Election Opponents: Chris Myers (GOP)
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Won, 51.7% – 48.4%

Candidate Quote: “I know that with hard work, integrity and commitment, we can change the direction of our country and restore confidence in our government.”

Why We Like Him: Named one of New Jersey’s ten best legislators by New Jersey Magazine, State Senator John Adler has a reputation for being “hardworking, incisive, and respected by both parties,” and he seeks to move America forward by running for the United States Congress in the 3rd District of New Jersey. Now serving in his sixth term as a state senator, Adler’s success is driven by his determination to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to pursue their individual American dreams, get a good education, and reap the rewards of hard work. He knows that through perseverance and hard work we can build a better tomorrow for all Americans. John is running for Congress to bring real change to Washington and take our country in a new direction.Particularly passionate about healthcare and the environment, Senator Adler strongly believes that these issues are interconnected. In 2006, his progressive initiative, the Smoke-Free Air Act, became the state’s premier public health law. This groundbreaking bill received overwhelming bipartisan support and because of his efforts to prohibit smoking in indoor public places, he is responsible for saving thousands of lives from the realistic dangers of second-hand smoke.

Upon election to Congress, Senator Adler wants to build upon his Smoke-Free Air Act in New Jersey by supporting legislation that connects environmental factors and individual health. Senator Adler will sponsor legislation that enables businesses in innovation sectors, such as alternative energies, biomedical and biotechnology fields, and other emerging science-based fields, to provide new job opportunities.

Senator Adler’s commitment to an open and honest democracy is evident by his pushing for mandatory prison terms and a forfeiture of pensions for convicted officials while in New Jersey. When he serves in Congress, he is committed to passing similarly bold ethics reforms that will create transparency and accountability.

Senator Adler has been a life-long advocate for working people, and is committed to changing the way things are done in Washington. Once elected to Congress, he will continue to fight for average Americans by supporting initiatives that improve our education system and ensure that all Americans have access to quality health care.

21st Century Democrats believes that John Adler is driven and determined to restore trust in our government and will ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to achieve the American dream. We are proud to endorse his candidacy for the 3rd Congressional District in New Jersey.


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