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John Bonifaz

“This campaign will not be dominated by big money interests and wealthy contributors. It will be a campaign for our hopes, our dreams, our vision for democracy.”

A leading authority on United States election reform, John is taking on the political establishment in Massachusetts. The state-level election injustices that have occurred are outrageous, and John has a vision to restore the integrity to the process.

What Makes John an Extraordinary, Visionary Leader?

John is running for secretary of state with the vision of giving Massachusetts the most progressive voting system in the country. John is proposing a Voter’s Bill of Rights for the state, including open and transparent elections with vote verification, paper trails, access to voting machines’ source codes, random audits and, of course, public machines not controlled by private companies. John also supports public financing for state elections in Massachusetts as in Maine and Arizona, early voting, same-day registration and other visionary and critical voting reforms for Massachusetts.

John’s vision for Massachusetts to lead the nation in free and fair elections is resonating with voters. John attended a recent candidate’s night for several Democratic town committees in Weymouth, Mass. Susan H of the blog Below Boston was there, and saw the enthusiastic reaction to John’s speech: “During Bonifaz’s allotted speaking time he was interrupted by applause frequently when he mentioned voting/election concerns. People there last evening responded to the issues that Bonifaz raised.” – Below Boston


With his father Cristóbal Bonifaz, John maintains a private practice that specializes in international human rights and environmental law cases. John and his father serve as co-counsel for thousands of indigenous people living in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian Amazon in an ongoing case against the Texaco oil company for the company’s environmental destruction of their homeland. John was instrumental in launching a landmark case against the Unocal oil and gas company on behalf of Burmese villagers for human rights abuses connected with the company’s construction of a major gas pipeline in Burma.

Race Facts

Race Type: Primary Challenger
Primary Opponent: Bill Galvin (incumbent)
Primary Date: September 19, 2006
Primary Election Results: Lost Primary
General Opponent: TBD
General Election Date: November 7, 2006


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