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Judy Baker

Office Seeking: US Representative, Missouri’s 9th

Race Type: Open Seat (Currently Republican)
Primary Opponent(s): Ken Jacob, Steve Gaw, Lyndon Bode, and Blaine Luetkemeyer
Primary Date: August 5, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Opponent(s): Blaine Luetkemeyer
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results: Lost, 47.5% – 50.0%

Candidate Quote: “We (Democrats) must not have a wishbone where our backbone ought to be!”

Judy was born in Columbia, MO and attended college at the University of Missouri. As the daughter of a military officer, Judy has a strong sense of civic responsibility. Judy has advanced degrees in health administration and divinity and is a community leader, public health advocate, successful businesswoman and elected official. She and her husband John, a Baptist Minister, have three children.Judy’s professional specialty is health care managerial economics, and her business acumen saved a group of rural health care clinics from closure. Had these clinics failed, several communities would have been without local health care. Judy’s experience in balancing resources and human needs makes her uniquely qualified and influential in the debate surrounding health care.

In the Missouri State Legislature, Judy quickly rose into leadership, and she currently serves as a ranking member on the Appropriations – Health, Mental Health, and Social Services and Health Care Policy Committees. Her impact was so immediate that she was honored as an “Emerging Healthcare Leader” by the National Council of State Legislators during her first term in office. As a member of leadership, Judy formed two caucuses: the Healthy Missourians Caucus and the Poverty Caucus both of which have brought important issues to the forefront. She is very proud of passing legislation that formalized the process for providing rape kits in hospitals without charge to the patients and addressed confidentiality issues for survivors of domestic violence.

Judy believes that a comprehensive education needs to begin in early childhood and continue throughout life to prevent poverty and create healthy families. As a co-sponsor of the Missouri Preschool Plus Grant Program, Judy advocated for providing 10,000 low-income students with early childhood education services for the next four years. During an era of constant public school budget cuts, Judy has insisted all school districts maintain physical education programs. Her insistence on proper funding of public education extends beyond K-12, and Judy has ensured the public universities of Missouri have up to date and well-maintained facilities.

Judy wants to take her coalition-building, problem-solving style to Congress to continue her fight for full access to affordable health care, to make good on the promise to leave no child behind in our educational system, and to develop a culture of energy efficiency. In addition to increasing graduation and literacy rates, she believes that we can build a thriving economy that is cognizant of its environmental and social impacts. Finally, as the daughter of a military family, Judy is determined that America must strive for peace throughout the world and use our military only as a last resort for national defense.

21st Century Democrats believes that Congress needs Judy’s common sense and real world experience to successfully promote a progressive agenda by properly managing limited resources.


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