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Lee Helgen

“I see an America that values diversity and one that provides meaningful opportunities for all people regardless of race or status.”

Twenty-First Century Democrats is proud to endorse Lee Helgen for re-election to the Saint Paul City Council.

Lee is completing his first term serving the people of Ward 5 and has proven to be a force for positive change in his community. While in office he secured funding for programs that directly impact the residents of Saint Paul. Lee helped revitalize the Rice Street commercial corridor by working to create opportunities for affordable housing and bringing hundreds of new jobs to the north end. He also partnered with Eureka Recycling to establish the Saint Paul Environmental Roundtable.

Lee has achieved a great deal in his three years on City Council, but there is still much to be done for Saint Paul. Funding cuts for the city from the state and federal governments make it essential for Saint Paul to have a strong leader who understands the needs of the people and the fiscal responsibilities of the position. “To build a strong city, we must take a long-term, balanced approach on how we budget and pay for city services,” Helgen explains. He believes that it is important to invest along commercial corridors and around vacant buildings or other problem properties. Lee argues that this approach will attract private firms and capital into these economically depressed areas and improve the quality of life in the community.

As a husband and father of two young sons, Lee understands the importance of priorities. He is a man of strong principles and is willing to stand up for them. When faced with a difficult problem, Lee asks himself three questions to guide him in the decision making process:

1. What is the impact on future generations?
2. Are we doing what is right or just what is expedient?
3. What is the long-term benefit to the public?

Lee has proven through his actions and careful judgment that he is the kind of leader that can get things done for his constituents. In 2006, he voted for a ban on smoking in bars despite a vigorous lobbying effort opposed to the legislation. He improved the physical environment of Ward 5 by providing money for playgrounds and commercial improvements. He has encouraged funding organizations that serve area residents such as Handyworks, a chore service for the elderly.

Lee Helgen is a public official who understands that great changes can come through revitalization of the areas that have been ignored. He is a candidate that walks the neighborhoods he represents and is dedicated to improving them. It is principled decision makers like Lee Helgen who will lead Saint Paul to a positive future, and Twenty-First Century Democrats is honored to support him.

To join us in our support for Lee Helgen please call 202-626-5620 or email [email protected] .

Race Facts

Primary Opponents: David Haas and Warren Anderson
Primary Result: Won, 57.2% – 30.4%
General Opponent: David Haas
General Election Date: November 6, 2007
General Election Results: Won, 51.5% – 48.2%


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