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Mark Ritchie

Office Seeking: Secretary of State – Minnesota
Primary Election Date: September 14

Why We Like Him: During Mark’s time in office, he has demonstrated great leadership. As a result of his non-partisanship of the 2008 U.S. Senate recount, Ritchie was named the 2008 Politician of the Year by Politics in Minnesota, the state’s largest political news journal. He was also named the 2008 Most Valuable State official in the United States by The Nation. Since the headline-making U.S. Senate recount, Mark has worked to ensure fairness in voting and we trust that he will continue to uphold this sense of integrity and serve responsibly as Minnesota Secretary of State.

Candidate Website: http://www.markritchie2010.net/


Mark Ritchie serves as Minnesota’s Secretary of State, the state’s chief elections officer. Mark previously worked in the administration of Minnesota’s Governor Rudy Perpich in the Department of Agriculture, responsible for addressing the economic crisis facing family farmer and rural communities. Mark served for twenty years as the president of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), a Minnesota-based public research center working with businesses, churches, farm organizations and other civic groups to foster long-term economic and environmental sustainability in Greater Minnesota.

In 2003 Mark led National Voice, a national coalition of over two thousand community-based organizations from across the country working together to increase non-partisan civic engagement and voter participation. National Voice, through their “November 2” media campaign, registered over 5 million new voters nationwide, making the effort one of the largest non-partisan voter mobilizations in our nation’s history. Over four hundred Minnesota churches, businesses, unions, schools and community groups participated in the campaign.

As part of his official duties as Secretary of State, Mark serves on the State’s Executive Council, the State Board of Investment, and the Minnesota Historical Society. Mark and his wife Nancy Gaschott live in Minneapolis.


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