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Michael Calderin

“But I’m most proud of the relationships I’ve been able to build and the people I’ve helped along the way. I don’t consider it extraordinary, but both face-to-face and online, I’ve been able to offer hope to the depressed, teach people how to work as a team, and give them the opportunity to lead.”
Born and raised in Miami-Dade County, Michael Calderin has a passion for making sure no Floridian will be without the basic necessities: meaningful work and a safe place to live a healthy life. He has dedicated himself toward advancing the common good, and has been willing to take on tough challenges.

As a native Floridian who remembers Hurricane Andrew and former student at Tulane University in the heart of New Orleans, Michael was enraged by the lack of active response from the government after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. Determined to make a change, he stepped into the political arena as a congressional candidate in 2006. With his dedication to progressive values and as an advocate for Americans’ needs, Michael won an extraordinary 42 percent of the vote against an entrenched incumbent. Today, running for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives representing District 119, he knows his commitment to progressive values can create positive change for Florida.

Michael understands that the answers to our country’s problems can come through effective leadership. And Michael strongly believes in the merit of leadership programs. If elected to the state legislature, he will work to build leadership trainings in Florida’s schools so that every student will be given the opportunity to cultivate their own ideas and understand that they can make a difference.

Encouraging leadership in an era where citizens can more easily be in constant communication and engaged, Michael also believes that with tools like the Internet, elected representatives must establish a greater direct communication with their constituents. This will ultimately encourage a stronger dialogue that will generate solutions to the real problems that Floridians face.

Understanding the critical nature of Florida’s insurance crisis, Michael wants to protect homes and businesses without breaking the bank. He advocates the reorganization of the state insurance program to provide basic coverage for all property owners while encouraging competition among private insurance companies to supplement the state policy to drive down prices. In addition, Michael intends to promote hurricane catastrophe bonds to reduce costs further.

Today, to help get America back on track, Michael stands resolute in his convictions that the government must be held accountable for their actions, future leaders must be given the education needed to prosper and succeed, and communities must be financially sound and healthy. And with such pressing issues inundating society, Michael offers tangible solutions that he will work tirelessly to implement. As an undeniable leader for progressive values, 21st Century Democrats is behind him all the way.

21st Century Democrats is proud to endorse such a young, energetic candidate that is willing to do the hard work to ensure progressive ideals shape our future.

Race Facts

Race Type: Democratic Challenge
Primary Election Opponent: None
Primary Election Date: August 26, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Election Opponents: Juan Zapata (GOP)
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Result: Lost, 38.2% – 61.9%


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