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Mike Smith

“I believe our community deserves fresh ideas from their Congressman and independent leadership that reflects our values and priorities. That is why I am running for Congress.”

Mike Smith sees a world vastly different in 20 years than today. When the policies Smith proposes become a reality, we will have a sustainable economy based on clean renewable energy, improved working conditions for all people, all children receiving health care, and more tolerance for religious diversity.

Smith’s decisions are guided by “a strong belief in God, family, and the rule of law created by the United States Constitution.” He will be “a representative who is investing in our children by improving our education system, protecting our environment, and lowering the national debt.” Smith is committed to helping Florida’s working families by increasing the minimum wage, making health care more accessible and affordable, encouraging home ownership, and investing in education from pre-k to college. And Smith will protect our environment by enacting policies that “reduce our dependence on foreign oil, stop global warming, and ensure that America is in the forefront in developing innovative technologies.”

Smith is a lifelong resident of Central Florida and lives with his wife, Sandra, and their two young children in Winter Garden. He was raised in Ocala and attended the University of Florida before graduating with honors from Stetson University College of Law. Smith began his legal career an assistant state attorney and was specially appointed as a felony domestic violence prosecutor who cracked down on drug dealers and child predators. Smith favors reducing the money spent on the war in Iraq and shifting these resources to fighting crime in America. He will make our streets safer by hiring more police officers to enforce tougher laws against criminals who prey on our children and to reduce drug trafficking.

Smith is not a career politician. He is running for Congress because he wants to build a better future for his children and ensure that the values of Florida families are represented in Washington. As a former prosecutor, Smith knows the importance of building trust in the community.

Mike Smith has a bold vision for America and the resolve to make it into a reality. He understands the challenges facing our country and will fight to solve them. Smith has proven that he can deliver on his promises in the courtroom and we are confident that he will continue to produce extraordinary results as the next Congressman from Florida’s 8th district.

Race Facts

Race Type: Democratic Challenger
Primary Election Opponents: Charlie Stuart, Alan Grayson, Corbett Kroehler, Quoc Van, and Alex Fry
Primary Election Date: August 26, 2008
Primary Election Results: Lost Primary
General Election Opponent: Ric Keller (GOP)
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results:N/A


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