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Rep. Ben Lujan

Office Seeking:  U.S. House New Mexico-3rd District

Position Held:  U.S. Representative, Incumbent

Primary Election Date:  June 1, 2010


General Election Opponents:  Tom Mullins

General Election Date:  November 2, 2010


Progressive Credentials:

  • Demanded a public option in health care reform
  • Fought to expand health care to those with mental illness and substance abuse issues
  • Worked to create requirements that would have 20% of power produced by New Mexico’s utilities originate from renewable energy

Why we like him:  Ben Ray Lujan has been on the forefront of environmental causes and practical forms of alternative energy by setting regulation that would increase renewable energy production 20% in New Mexico.  In addition, we appreciate his vocal demand for a public option for health care.

Candidate Quote:  “I’m disappointed that a Republican Senator has blocked important extensions that help people who are struggling the most during these difficult economic times.  We have to stand up for the American people, not resort to partisan games.”

Candidate website:  http://www.benrlujan.com/


Ben Ray Luján was born and raised in New Mexico, growing up in the small community of Nambe.

Prior to his election to Congress in November 2008, Ben Ray Luján served as the chairman of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission where he represented North Eastern, North Central and Central New Mexico.

As a leading proponent of renewable energy on the PRC, Luján worked to increase renewable energy production by New Mexico utilities to 20 percent of their total production by 2020. He also pushed to diversify the renewable portfolio to include solar energy. With his colleagues in California, Oregon and Washington, Luján signed on to the Joint Action Framework on Climate Change on behalf of the state of New Mexico, bringing states together to fight global warming and change the way they generated energy.

Since joining Congress, Ben Ray Luján has continued to stand up for New Mexicans. When credit card companies tried to take advantage of consumers, Ben stood up to them and cosponsored the Credit Card Holder’s Bill of Rights. When insurance companies sought to drop sick patients and deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions, Ben fought to reform health insurance and end these bad practices. When Wall Street refused to end the practices that got us into an economic mess, Ben took on Wall Street. He even added an amendment to help stop Too Big to Fail.

Race Type:  Democratic Protect


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