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Rep. John Sarbanes

Office Seeking:  U.S. House, Maryland-3rd District

Position Held:  U.S. Representative, Incumbent

Primary Election Opponent:  TBD

Primary Election Date:  September 14, 2010


General Election Opponents:  Jim Wilhelm

General Election Date:  November 2, 2010


Progressive Credentials:

  • Provided needed knowledge of health care reform as an expert who spent years practicing healthcare law
  • Proposed a bill that forgave student loan debt for those pursuing non-profit work or government employment
  • Sponsored bill that provided grant money for K-12 programs willing to teach environmental education

Why we like him:  We appreciate his work on health care reform, particularly his ability to identify precisely what programs and functions need to be reformed and how such changes can be put into action.  He has long been a supporter of immigration reform, believing that immigrants working in this country illegally deserve the right to be given a path to citizenship.   Congressman Sarbanes has been a vocal supporter of the economic stimulus package as well.

Candidate Quote:  “I still hear every day that the economy isn’t working like it should for most Americans. We have to do whatever it takes to ensure the recovery reaches ordinary Americans who are out of work and looking for a job.”

Candidate website:  http://www.johnsarbanes.com/

John Sarbanes is the eldest son of long time Maryland Senator Paul Sarbanes.  After receiving a B.A. from Princeton in the field of International Affairs, he then pursued and achieved a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Congressman Sarbanes met his wife Dina while the both of them were enrolled at Harvard and the two of them are proud parents of three children.

Race Type:  Democratic Protect


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