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Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy

Office Seeking: U.S. House, Ohio-15th District

Position Held: U.S. Representative, Incumbent

Primary Election Opponent: None

Primary Election Date: May 4, 2010


General Election Opponents: Steve Stivers, John Adams

General Election Date: November 2, 2010


Progressive Credentials:

  • Bravely voted for health care reform and stood up for American families and against insurance companies
  • Supported passage of legislation that protects consumers from the abuses of credit card companies
  • Voted for the economic stimulus Package.

Why we like her: Mary Jo Kilroy worked her way up the ladder to a career in public service methodically, paying her own way through college and then to law school in the process. As someone who suffers from multiple sclerosis she brings a very personal lens to healthcare reform. She voted for legislation that would have forced companies that accepted TARP money to be banned from awarding their executives bonuses.

Candidate website: http://kilroyforcongress.com/


Mary Jo Kilroy received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Cleveland State University and then attained a J.D. from The Ohio State University. Prior to practicing law with her husband, Kilroy was a social worker, hospital technician and tutor.

Her concern for public education led her to run and win a seat on the Columbus Board of Education. She then ran and won election to a seat on the Franklin Country (Ohio) Commission. A long established fixture in her district by the time she chose to run for Congress, Mary Joy Kilroy serves as an example of the virtue of hard work and its eventual success.


Race Type: Democratic Protect


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