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Tom Allen

Office Seeking: US Senator, Maine

Race Type: Democratic Challenge
Primary Opponent: None
Primary Date: June 10, 2008
Primary Election Results: Won Primary
General Opponent: Susan Collins
General Election Date: November 4, 2008
General Election Results: Lost, 38.6% – 61.3%

Candidate Quote: “I believe elected representatives are bound to work towards the benefit of the common good and not the interest of a few individuals.”

Why We Like Him: Twenty-First Century Democrats is proud to endorse Tom Allen, a US Congressman since 1996, who is challenging Republican US Senator Susan Collins in Maine. Allen believes that America faces unprecedented challenges in the 21st Century and new leadership is needed to help America face those challenges.


As a Congressman for over 10 years, Tom Allen has worked for the benefit of the common good. He introduced legislation that would have allowed seniors to buy drugs at the lowest price available to the federal government. He has helped prevent permanent bases being built in Iraq. And he has worked to strengthen the environmental protections of our oceans.

But he has a bigger vision for America. He wants to enact tax policies that reward and empower the middle class. He wants to see that our nation has affordable prescription drugs, access to quality healthcare for everyone and a system that addresses the needs of all children.

In 2002 Tom Allen took the politically unpopular stance and voted against the Iraq war, one of America’s worst foreign policy disasters. He wants to begin withdrawing troops from Iraq within the next year. “We need to recognize the conflict for what it is and develop a political – not military – solution and force the Iraqis to take control of their own future.”

Tom knows that we must address the looming global warming crisis. He introduced the safe climate act in the House, which is thus far the most aggressive effort in Congress to stop global climate change and control carbon dioxide emissions. Unlike other proposals which focus solely on power plants, his bill would reduce carbon from all major emitters, including power plants, automobiles and large factories.

Tom Allen’s family has a long tradition of community service and he is proud to serve in the tradition of his grandfather and father, both former mayors of Portland. “I believe it is important for citizens of strong ideals, principles, and leadership to choose service to their community, state and country.”



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