Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is made up of Democrats like you. They know why they are Democrats, and they are ready to stand up for what we believe in. They include:

“We can turn back the growing power of the extreme right wing in this country by standing with 21st Century Democrats. We need every committed Democrat to get involved — the future of our nation is at stake.”

– Carol Moseley Braun

Former U.S. Senator

“The work of 21st Century Democrats has never been more important than it is right now. They have my support. I hope they will have yours.”

– James Carville

Expert Campaign Advisor

“21st Century Democrats is leading the fight to elect Democrats — men and women who will fight for our country and our values. Please join me to make America’s future a bright one. With your help, our best days lie ahead.”

– Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor

“As the former chair of the Democratic National Committee, I know how important it is to elect real Democrats. 21st Century Democrats is a tough, aggressive organization working to build a stronger party that knows what it believes, why it believes it, and is willing to fight for those beliefs. I’m proud to support them.”

– David Wilhelm

Former chairman of the Democratic National Committee

“2022 will be the defining election for this decade, maybe for this generation. We cannot accept the traditional ‘off year’ outcome for our Party. We need to hold the House and GAIN Senate seats if we want to build an America with promise for the next generation. That is why I joined the 21st Century Democrats….”

– John Pouland

“I am proud to be a part of 21st Century Democrats because there are few groups better prepared to support thoughtful, practical candidates and the values and issues most important to working families.”

– Andy Hoglund

Vice President, Director of Digital Strategies - Rasky Partners

“After watching the effective, impactful work that 21st Century Democrats has done for years to help elect progressive Democrats to Congress, I am proud to join them in their mission. Their efforts can make the difference between winning and losing, whether a campaign or the House and Senate.”

Kimberly Scott

- Kimberly Scott, Political Consultant and Publisher of DemList