Senator Jeff Merkley has decided not to run for president. Instead of vying for the White House, he will seek a third term in the Senate in 2020.

Progressive Credentials:

Senator Merkley, one of the Senate’s most progressive members, identified three “mega crises” he wants to help address: a “crisis of our democracy,” rooted in voting and campaign finance laws; an “opportunity crisis” for families to thrive; and “climate chaos.”

Why We Like Him:

His love of the American Dream. And because Merkley sees threats to the American Dream — stagnating wages and disappearing living-wage manufacturing jobs; the rising costs of health care, housing and education; the concentration of wealth with the top 10 percent; and a shrinking middle class — he has made it his job to restore the American Dream for middle-class families in Oregon and around the country.

Specifically, Merkley wants immediate congressional action to: reinvest in education, infrastructure and science; fix the broken housing market; restore fairness to the tax system, eliminate massive loopholes for powerful special interests and Big Oil; and nurture manufacturing and the creation of living-wage jobs.

Candidate Quote:

“We have much work to do. But I’m confident that America’s best days are yet to come. Together, we will rebuild the middle class, combat global climate change and make our democracy work again.”

Candidate Sites:

To learn more about Jeff Merkley, visit his website, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.