John Fetterman

With Republican Pat Toomey retiring, Democrats have an excellent chance to pick up a Senate seat in 2022 and John Fetterman is up to the challenge!

John Fetterman is an excellent candidate that will look to continue the Blue trend in Pennsylvania started by President Biden in 2020.

Progressive Credentials:

John Fetterman has consistently supported a number of progressive policy positions from a $15 minimum wage to advocating for healthcare as a fundamental human right. John never has to announce that his beliefs “have evolved” because he has consistently supported progressive stances for his entire career.

Fetterman started his political career as the Mayor of Braddock, PA where he earned a wage of $110 dollars a week for his services. In office, Fetterman immediately showed care for the local population by instituting youth and art programs, building a community center, and saving the local church. John spurred on a Braddock Renaissance  and he still resides in the home he built there.

Aside from his excellent work as the Mayor of Braddock John also has many notable achievements from his time as Governor of Pennsylvania. He advocated and instituted state prison reform, stood alone in advocating for the environmental health of minority communities, and has firmly stood behind a woman’s right to choose.

“More likely to wear Carhartt and Dickies gear than a suit and tie,” John has and will continue to support progressive policy as a member of the United States Senate and that is exactly why 21st Century Democrats is supporting his campaign.

Candidate Quote:

“If you’re willing to argue that $7.25 cents an hour is an appropriate or fair minimum wage, then you’re a liar. It’s outrageous. It’s despicable,”

Candidate Sites:

To learn more about John Fetterman, visit his website, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.