Kamala Harris

When Barbara Boxer announced her retirement from the U.S. Senate, Kamala Harris appeared at the top of most lists of candidates to replace her.

Harris, the current California attorney general, announced her candidacy soon after Boxer’s announcement, giving herself time to build a strong campaign in what is sure to be a competitive and expensive race.

Progressive Credentials:

Senator Elizabeth Warren worked with Harris on reforms following the housing market crisis in 2008.

“I saw up close and personal that she is tough, she is principled, and she fights hard. We need more leaders in Washington who are willing to fight for a level playing field for working families,” Warren said in her endorsement of Harris for the U.S. Senate.

Warren praised Harris for demanding real accountability from lenders and for pulling out of the National Mortgage Settlement, instead securing $20 billion in relief for struggling California homeowners.

Harris also championed a new California Homeowner Bill of Rights, which Warren calls one of the most comprehensive sets of foreclosure reform laws in the country.

As the California attorney general, Harris also focused on fighting to reduce elementary school truancy as part of her crime prevention initiatives, preserving the state’s natural resources and ensuring marriage equality for all.

Why We Like Her:

The first woman, the first African-American and the first South Asian to be an attorney general in California, Harris often quotes her mother’s advice about being a groundbreaker: “Kamala, you may be the first to do many things, but make sure you’re not the last.”

Candidate Quote:

“I believe that standing up for the people means working for an economy that works for all of our people. I believe standing up for the people means being a voice for children, even though they don’t write the big checks or have the fanciest lobbyists in D.C. It means defending our environment. Why? Well, for me, not because I have any particular desire to hug a tree, but I have a very strong desire to hug a healthy baby. It means being a voice for our immigrant communities and the millions of folks who in that community are living and working in the shadows. It means keeping faith with the 1.8 million Californian veterans who have been more than doing their job of holding up their end of the bargain, and it’s time we stand up for them when they come home. And it means standing up for our Constitution, including the right of women to control our own reproductive health care decisions and our own bodies.”

Candidate Sites:

To learn more about Kamala Harris, visit her website, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook.