Keith Ellison

Working to put progressives back on the path to leadership in Congress, Keith Ellison has focused not only on his own reelection but also on building grassroots electoral power across the country.

Ellison’s newly formed Voters First campaign is designed to boost turnout, run effective grassroots campaigns, partner with candidates up and down the ticket, focus on grassroots fundraising, and promote efforts to expand the vote.

Progressive Credentials:

One of Congress’ foremost progressive leaders and co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Ellison has consistently fought for job creation, progressive tax rates, health care for all, workers’ rights, a clean environment, quality education, fair trade, strong consumer protections, protecting the right to vote, equality and justice for all, and greater investment in infrastructure.

Why We Like Him:

Keith Ellison is a model progressive who represents our core concepts and beliefs. Ellison’s policy agenda is based on the four key priorities of peace, prosperity for working families, environmental sustainability, and support for civil and human rights.

Candidate Quote:

“No one should be cut out of the American dream: not immigrants, not people with disabilities, not gays, not poor people, not even a Muslim committed to serving his nation.”

Candidate Sites:

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