“I stand with Wendy Davis” became a rallying cry for progressives across the country inspired by the Texas state senator’s 13-hour filibuster and protest against a bill imposing new regulations designed to force clinic closures.

While state Republicans eventually forced passage of the anti-abortion bill in a special session, taking the lead in that crucial fight helped Davis build a strong base from which to launch her campaign.

Why We Like Her:

Davis’ life story demonstrates the power of education to transform lives. Raised by a single mother with only a sixth grade education, Davis herself ended up as a teenage single mother.

While her family’s financial challenges drew her into the workforce at age 14, her determination and hard work paved the way for Davis to be the first in her family to graduate from college.

Community college opened the doors for Davis to find success for her family. With scholarships to Texas Christian University, she graduated first in her class and went on to graduate with honors from Harvard Law School.

Candidate Quote:

“I envision and will work for an America where we provide opportunity for educating and advancing up and out of poverty the least among us. My education provided that opportunity for me.”