What We Do

In each election cycle, we endorse Democratic candidates who embrace our progressive values and show unusual promise to advance our progressive goals. Our support covers candidates in all levels of government: federal, state and local. We invest in both primaries and general campaigns. And we support our candidates throughout their career, not just a single election.

Kamala Harris

Vice-President of the United States of America

Colin Allred

U.S. House Of Representatives, Texas

Jeff Merkley

U.S. Senator, Oregon

Catherine Cortez Masto

U.S. Senator, Nevada

What’s more, through our America’s Democrats Podcast, we bring you the facts and voices you won’t here on Fox — or even CNN! The facts about big corporations’ war on workers and consumers. Trump’s corrupt plans to unleash the polluters and the wolves of Wall Street. And the Moscow Mitch Republicans’ effort take health insurance and Social Security away from seniors citizens.

We provide the perspective and information active Democrats can use to fight for progressive policies.